What We Do

Call us creative storytellers who deal in image, effectiveness and aesthetics.  Tell us your problem and we’ll provide a solution. It may mean finding a snowman in the middle of the summer, or just getting the right professional talent. It may require a full-blown 35mm aerial shoot, or maybe you’ll just need one of us to come over and get a great on-camera read from your boss.  We can pull all the elements together or provide you with a production one piece at a time.  And, maybe we can offer a suggestion that you hadn’t thought of yet.

Plus The Boards

What’s your measure of a successful campaign? Award-winning? Client satisfaction? Cut-through?  Can you really have it all?  Our mission is to take the creative vision and put a spot or program on screen that surpasses the script.  How do we do it?  Decades of experience.  Commitment to your budget and marketing goals.  Directors who know production and post.  Directors who get the most from professional talent, and even more from “everyday people.”  When you work with the Arbor Group, you can predict commercial success.

CEOmmunications Solutions

CEOmmunications is the art of projecting the finest executive image and corporate image on camera.  Every time your top executives appear on camera, their personal image, credibility, and the image of the corporation and its credibility are on the line.For two decades, the Arbor Group has directed a myriad of CEO’s, executives and celebrities.  Our directorial experience ranges from high-level public presentations…to extremely sensitive internal corporate communications…to television commercials.