Who We Are

biodeedsDeeds is a director and President of the Arbor Group. Her extensive background in writing, camera, lighting, shooting and editing makes her a well-rounded director able to communicate well with crew and clients. Her work, whether commercial, corporate or documentary, is known for its balance, continuity and artistic quality. Deeds has won numerous Addy, Emmy and Telly awards… and is an award-winning documentarian.
biosnedenSneden is an award-winning director and Arbor Group partner. He has directed literally hundreds of commercials and video programs in his career, and has developed a particular expertise in directing comedy and children. He has helped build Arbor’s excellent reputation as directors of both professional and non-professional talent. He is also a very talented designer and builder of specialty props and sets.
bioloringBefore joining Arbor, Loring racked up 15 years of agency experience. For us, she’s called on for new business cultivation, project management, budget development, outgoing marketing services, relationship maintenance and to produce.
biosusanSusan brings a unique work perspective to our company, a matriculation and work background in Horticulture. Along with her green thumb, Susan excels at organization, planning, relationship building and scheduling; all those skills needed as an exceedingly competent interface between you and the skilled directors, producers and crew of the Arbor Group.